Desi Ghee

Ghee Manufacturing Plant in Kanpur, Lucknow

Ghee is a clarified form of butter used in many forms to give taste to other dishes. It is prepared through a ghee manufacturing plant in India under hygienic conditions and by our special experts. It has a rich fragrance and wonderful texture for a great experience of quality Ghee. As we are bulk suppliers of Ghee in Kanpur, Lucknow, Gorakhpur and in other cities you can purchase ghee in bulk quantity from the mi food industries.

Sizes – 15 kg

Nutrition Per 100 ml (approx. values)
Energy – 897 Sugar – 0.0 g
Milk Fat – 99.7 g Saturated Fat – 65.0 g
Protein – 0.0 g Trans Fat – 4.0 g
Carbohydrates – 0.0 g Vitamin A – 700 μg