What is the importance of the Dairy industry?

Dairy industries are essential part of every country. As we all know dairy
products are necessary part of life due to their benefits. Dairy industries provides refined products for consumption. Therefore dairy industries are necessary to obtain pure and fresh nutritional products.

What are the benefits of consuming dairy products?

Dairy products are enriched with various proteins, vitamins and nutrients. They
help in maintaining healthy body by keeping bones strong. Also these are good for digestive and dental health. They also helps in managing weight and reduce the risk of diseases. Apart from this also dairy products has “n” number of benefits, therefore they are essential to consume.

What are the common practices of the Dairy industry?

Some common practices of dairy industry includes:-

  • Shelter facilities with maintenance of hygiene through cleaning and all applying all safety measures.
  • Availability of clean water and nutritious food etc.
  • Animals to kept in safe, appropriate and ventilated place.
  • Prevention and cure of all diseases.

What is Pasteurization?

Pasteurization is the process of heating milk to 71.7°C for 15 seconds,
ensuring not more than 25 seconds. This process is also referred to as the ‘High
Temperature Short Time’ Process. After heating, it is quickly cooled to 3°C.

Pasteurization destroys milk protein. Is this correct?

According to scientific research pasteurization does not affect the significant
qualities and nutrients of milk. Pasteurized milk is also considered as rich source of calcium, protein, riboflavin, vitamin A, and phosphorus. But some facts say it denature some milk proteins. But it depends on length of time and amount of heat applied on milk. It is commonly encountered in food preparation.

Is consuming Raw milk safe for health?

Raw milk is not safe for consumption. It contains bacteria which can lead to
severe diseases and health problems. Therefore it is advisable by specialists to always consume pasteurized or boiled milk.

How to check adulterated milk?

‘Lactometer’ is the instrument which is used to find the milk adulterated with
water. It measures the specific gravity of milk. That ranges (60°F) from 1.028 – 1.030 for cow milk and 1.030-1.032 for buffalo milk. Values lower than these standards indicate that the milk is adulterated with water.

What is "Clean milk"?

Clean milk refers to raw milk from healthy animals which has been produced
in hygienic conditions. This milk contains only a small number of harmless bacteria. This milk possesses good keeping quality without being even treated by heat.

Can consumption of dairy products cause weight gain?

A body gains weight when person consume more calories then body can burn
as energy. Dairy foods which has low fat can help in greater weight loss. There is
correlation between increased intake of dairy products and reduced body weight & fat percentage.

What does 'Homogenization' refer to?

Through this process, milk gets rich white colour and smooth texture. This
involves reduction in size of fat globules into minuscule portions that are dispersed evenly throughout the milk. This prevents formation of creamy layer on milk. This is considered as the most important process of dairy industry.